Yeti: GUUURGHHH. *facetables*

hahaaa I love when movies have their own running gags

It’s May, May makes me cranky

I think it’s easier to just say “Oh, I have B type blood” or “I’m an Aries” as if somehow that justifies the fact that sometimes, I don’t really like who I am. Like, being born under a certain star formation makes me impatient and bull-headed and that’s okay.

There’s actually a kind of prejudice amongst young Asians today against certain blood types and star signs. But really, “I can’t date him, our star signs don’t match” is just another way of saying “I’m insecure”. And that’s okay. But don’t let those things define your insecurities - figure them out yourself and do something about it. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. 

Why are you such a cute stalker

Miura has one of the best profiles I’ve ever seen, it’s just so sharp and pristine.

I just have such a thing for jawlines …

Good Day to you

Where did you learn to be so cute? You have too much, give me some.

Seriously though, I like men … but dang, I like IU too.

I don’t understand the pineapple

I heard that HyunJoong recently admitted to plastic surgery and could only think “but WHY?!” … because he was so perfect the way he was.

I don’t know what it is about you, Joonie. You’re not the best singer or dancer in the industry, and your acting sometimes makes me cringe.

But there’s some charm about the way you hold yourself. Your smile, I think. Something radiant that plastic surgery could never diminish. Stay 4D, Joonie.

A Family Man

As a fan of Jiro, I feel a little ashamed to say I didn’t know about his background until recently. I have many male friends who view him with disdain because they say his smile is “fake”, that he is a “wannabe”, a “pretender”.

They probably don’t know that this man entered the entertainment business not for fame or personal gain, but to feed his family. They probably have no idea that he had to work three jobs during his student life to put food on the table for his mother and younger sister, after his father passed away when he was sisteen years old.

I can’t tell if his smile is genuine or not, but I know his heart is. This man, who has been burdened from such a young age, who has struggled for so long in the arena, and who has come out from all of it with a smile on his face, makes me proud to be his fan.

Forever yours, Jiro <3


My myogenic muscular organ is shrivelling

It has reached the point where I am fairly certain I am going insane and also my hormones hate me.I can’t stop seeing his face. Everywhere. He was there in my half-eaten Mcdonalds wrap this afternoon. That’s not healthy, right? I don’t mean the wrap.

And of course I can’t tell him because can’t. So naturally, I’m tumblr. But he knows. I think.

I wonder

… is Tumblr blocked in China?

piggy piggy royalchainsaw


王力宏 - 依然爱你 ~ Wang Lee Hom - Still In Love With You

Go Wongfu and Leehom. Click the title for the music video. My take on the translations:



一闪一闪亮晶晶 留下岁月的痕迹

Twinkle twinkle little star, the scars of time have been left behind

我的世界的中心 依然还是你

Yet the centre of my world is still you

一年一年又一年 飞逝仅在一转眼

Year after year after year, fly past within the blink of an eye

唯一永远不改变 是不停地改变

The only thing that never changes is change




I’m not like who I used to be, and you’re a little different too

但在我的眼中你的笑 依然的美丽

But in my eyes your smile remains so beautiful


The days can only march onward, in one direction, clockwise


Don’t know for how long love will last, so I have to let you know



我依然爱你 就是唯一的退路

I’m still in love with you, this is my only path

我依然珍惜 时时刻刻的幸福

I still treasure every second of our joy

你每个呼吸 每个动作 每个表情

Your every breath, every movement, every expression

到最后 一定会 依然爱你

'Till the end, I will definitely still love you






我依然爱你 或许是命中注定

I’m still in love with you, maybe it was destiny

多年之后偶然 偶然都无法代替

A chance meeting after many years, but even chance cannot replace

那些时光 是我这辈子最美好的

Those times, they were the most beautiful of my life

那些回忆 依然无法忘记

Those memories, which I can still cannot forget



Repeat last 2 lines, Asian rit. style :]